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Cookie Jar

Having a few friends over to create gifts from the heart can be a great way to meet up, connect, laugh, and relax while enjoying some decorative baking, a cup of tea and wonderful conversation. Think of it as Life À La Carte.

As the holidays approach you may be looking for ways to create an enjoyable gift. Cookies in a jar are a delicious hostess gift that will warm your neighbours suite and their heart as they smell cookies baking in the oven.

Ginger Chews: The mild flavour from the coconut oil and flour heightens the richness of the ginger and other spices.

Tip: Reuse the parchment paper when baking batches.  This recipe makes 48 cookies, great for gift giving and sharing. Recipe here

Tip: A simple thoughtful hostess gift is using a dish towel to wrap your gift instead of using a gift bag or gift wrap. An inexpensive way to bring something useful and appreciated.

Connecting with friends is an integral part of living well @Wellings, and we hope you will enjoy meeting, baking, learning, sharing and creating a few of our tried and true favorites while having a few laughs.

Happy baking!

Sharing heirloom recipes can be a thoughtful gift, writing them on recipe cards or printing them and popping into a notecard can be a wonderful gift from the heart. DIY hint: Making your own gift cards adds a personal touch. Local stores are filled with clippings, supplies, printable stamps to make creative note cards for any occasion.

Recipe Card

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