Calm your Dogs Anxiety with Essential Oils

The Science of Wellness: Eat>Live>Love Recently we decided to test the waters again with our 3-year-old English Pointer named “Drifter”. Commencing the process to give him more freedom of space in our home. The first few times we were met with feathers from under the door. Only to find behind the door, inside the bedroom […]

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Laundry and the Love of Essential Oils

It’s inevitable, we love life and between our clothes and linens at some point the washing machine must get turned on. Has this ever happened to you? Laundry machines using your In-suite washer and dryer you get busy and forget there is a load in the washing machine. In searching for your favorite piece of […]

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The Science of Wellness: Eat- Live- Love – Rise & Shine!

“Living well, starts when you start your day” – here’s a few tips on how to boost your goodness intake and shine from the inside out… Why is it important to get started with a decent breakfast? “Breaking the fast” the first meal of the day after you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Many seniors […]

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The Science of Wellness: Eat-Live-Love

So you recognize, it’s time to change a few things in your diet and fitness level and want to know where to start… Are you asking yourself some of these questions? I know my energy level is decreasing, what can I do? EAT Eat smaller meals, snacking or grazing more often throughout the day. Add […]

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