“The Science of Wellness”: Eat.Live.Love – Gifts From The Heart

Having a few friends over to create gifts from the heart can be a great way to meet up, connect, laugh, and relax while enjoying some decorative baking, a cup of tea and wonderful conversation. Think of it as Life À La Carte. As the holidays approach you may be looking for ways to create […]

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“The Science of Wellness”: Eat.Live.Love – Sleep Ease

Getting a restful good night’s sleep may be challenging as you adjust to your beautiful new surroundings at the Wellings. As the time changes we are reminded “Spring forward –  Fall back” we change the clock back one hour on Sunday November 3, 2019. Here are a few simple tips to ensure you sleep well […]

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“The Science of Wellness”: Eat.Live.Love – Festive Fall Foliage

It’s finally here and with fall’s arrival comes cooler temperatures, lots of great comfort foods like soups and stews. Time to start thinking of crockpot cooking.  You can get all the nutrients you need from a delicious nutritious bone broth or warming soup such as carrot ginger, roasted red pepper, thai red pepper, chilli with […]

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“The Science of Wellness”: Eat.Live.Love

Wellings Blog: The Beet Goes On Crisp fall days are here and we think of harvest time, apple picking, gathering beets & carrots, pumpkin pies.  Cooler temperatures, fresh breezes and plenty of leaves crunching beneath our feet as we walk around the Wellings trails. At this time of year we feel like eating preserves, beets, […]

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